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Writing Follow Up Letters

Follow up letter writing tips, samples, examples, templates and formats.
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Writing Follow-Up Letters
Explains the advantages of writing follow-up letters for a variety of "after" reasons related to employment.
Letter Writing Desk
From your About.com Guide, essential resources, formats and downloadable samples for writing resignation, thank-you, reference (recommendation), salary and resume cover letters.
Accepting a Second Interview
A follow up letter example for accepting an invitation to a second interview. From the Oklahoma University Career Center.
Asking for Feedback
Six "rules" for writing an interview follow up letter, asking for feedback about why you were passed over for a job. From Monster.com.
Follow Up Letter to Information Meeting
A sample follow up letter from a student seeking future employment possibilities, after an information-seeking meeting with a company representative. Provided by Virginia Tech.
Follow Up Letter to Job Application
A sample follow up letter for checking on the status of a job application. From Whittier College.
Follow Up Letter to Personal Contact
Follow-up letter sample from a student seeking future internship, after an informal meeting with a company representative. Provided by Virginia Tech.
Follow Up Letter to Phone Call
Sample follow up letter after a phone call in response to an internship inquiry. Provided by Virginia Tech.
Interview Follow Up Letter Example
A follow up letter example, to send about a week or so after sending an interview thank-you letter with no results. Includes tips that explain the three points to make while following up. Also includes similar tips for interview thank-you letters, plus an example. Courtesy of The Damn Good Resume (really).
Interview Follow Up Letter Templates
Preview then edit and save free follow up letter templates in a variety of after-interview flavors, including thank-you letters. Automatically launches Microsoft Word through your browser. Courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.
Job Fair Follow Up Letter
A sample letter for following up after talking with an employer representative at a job fair. From the University of California, Davis.
Resume Follow Up Letter
Just a simple reminder that you're still interested in the job, despite that you haven't received a response to your resume. Thanks to Capital University.
Resume Follow Up Letter
From Syracuse University, a sample letter for following up after submitting your resume. You might want to change the passive, "My resume was sent to you..." to the active, "I sent my resume to you..."
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