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Sample Resume - Network Engineer

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1/00 – 1/01 Company Name, City, State
Senior Network Engineer

Performed network integration, design, and troubleshooting of Bay/Nortel hardware and software components. Used Bay/Nortels products in T1, Frame, ATM, and SONET transport systems with IP, Ethernet and VOIP technologies. Deployed narrowband, broadband and wireless solutions to both end users and carrier based networks. Acted as pre-sales engineer on LAN/ WAN topologies incorporating Ethernet, T1, and OC hardware and software solutions. Software solutions included Bay Optivity, Bay Site Manager, Passport Express Manager, and Preside Management solutions. Hardware solutions included BayStack 303/304, 310, 350, 410, 450, Centillion 100, 200, 2000, 3000, Meridian 2000, 3000, and Passport 1000, 4000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 15,000 series switches. Routers included ANH, AN, ASN, ARN, BN, Centillion, Enterprise, Nautica, and Passport series. SONET/ATM hardware included Nortel Preside NMS, OPTera, S/DMS, SDH, TransportNode and Shasta IP/Optical series router/switch/ Nodes. Accelar route/switch and Versalar access products were also employed.

9/98- 1/00 Company name, city, state
Senior Network Engineer

Tasked with building, configuring, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining routers, switches, bridges, and CSU/DSU s manufactured by Bay, Cisco, and Kentrox. Set up Frame Relay, ISDN, and POTS lines for branch banks and main Administrative locations. Configured routers for RIP, TCP / IP, and IPX / SPX. Standardized and configured routers using Bay Site Manager and Net ID. Monitored and troubleshot network components using Bay Optivity 8 and 9 Running on an NT 5.0 Compaq server. Set up an advanced Network Management Platform utilizing Bay Optivity components running in conjunction with Sun Net Manager on a Solaris platform installed on a SPARC 10 workstation. Performed NT, Novell, and UNIX administration and troubleshooting.

8/95 – 9/98 Company name, city, state
LAN / WAN PC Support Specialist

Worked with UNIX, IBM, and Macintosh computers as stand alones and as networked systems. Installed, troubleshot, maintained, and trained users on the NT operating system. Trained all users on the Macintosh and IBM computers. Maintained and troubleshot e-mail and Internet services. Tasked with using bridges, ROUTERS, hubs, network servers, peripherals, and associated cabling to allow various computer systems to be linked into a homogenous network. Responsible for all hardware and software installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and upgrades. Installed campus wide fiber optic media and attached all WAN components. Extensive Cisco, TCP / IP, VLAN, ATM, and Frame Relay experience and training.

4/93 – 8/98 Company, City, State
Network Administrator

Supported the senior network administrator in setting up hardware for a vast network of IBM compatible and VAX based computers. Assisted in wiring and installing peripherals and multi drive network servers. Performed migration from Novell 3.1 to NT 3.51 Server for 150 computers. Trained users on the use of NT. Installed and troubleshot software on the stand alone and networked computers. Used MS excel, word, access, and PowerPoint in conjunction with Map Info, Autocad, DOS, Lotus and Word Perfect to create spreadsheets, databases, reports, graphs, tables, and presentations for the monitoring of state roadways. Used macros and SQL querying to link and update associated files and documents. Trained employees in classroom settings on the use of MS office products, e-mail, and the Internet. Supported all WAN connections and transport, microwave and mixed media. Used routers and switches from various vendors, Cisco, 3Com, Bay, Wellfleet, Fore Systems, and Motorola to build a state of the art WAN.


8/95 - 6/97 University of Bridgeport - Bridgeport CT
Bachelors Degree - Computer Engineering. GPA - 3.97
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