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Top 8 Salary Calculators Online


Knowing the typical pay ranges for your target job will make negotiating compensation much easier. These salary calculators take job function, degree, years of experience and location into consideration.


A current leader in online salary surveys, Salary.com has extensive information on all technology job titles. Their career resources and information for businesses are a big hit, too.


Payscale.com is a leading web-based salary survey. Payscale.com allows you to compare not just your current salary but also allows for evaluations of job offers, kind of a "what-if" scenario simulator. I found it pretty reliable against what I am seeing in the industry. If you pay for membership, you get more detailed information.


GlassDoor.com provides salary information that has been posted anonymously by readers. In order to view information, you have to post information. In addition to salaries, the site provides company satisfaction ratings and approval rating for top executives.

IEEE Salary Survey

The IEEE salary survey is one of the most accurate out there for technology professions. Requires paid membership to access.

Vault.com Salary Survey

Actual salary information collected from employees at specific companies. Search by industry. Paid membership required to access information. Includes variable compensation and benefits information.

PSRinc.com IT Salary Survey

IT Salary survey information from 1996 through 2006. Some information available after free registration. Premium information available for a fee.


Salary expert is a paid resource, similar to salary.com, but includes information on salaries for overseas positions, specifically in the UK. Currently priced slightly lower than salary.com pricing.

Home.com Cost of Living Calculator

The cost of living calculator allows you to compare salaries from different geographic locations. This is definitely not an exact science, but it is one starting point for comparison.

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