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Airport Security Jobs


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Applying for Airport Security Jobs

The TSA encourages applicants to apply online for Federal airport security jobs. It lists both part- and full-time openings, and provides appropriate forms on its Web site. But applicants may apply by calling the TSA Recruitment Center, which also has a TTY phone number for applicants with hearing impairments.

Airport security jobs are homeland security jobs with national security at stake. Consequently, whether you apply online or by phone, be prepared to answer complex and nosey, security-clearance questions, and to eventually get fingerprinted and photographed. You must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National to apply. Along with other requirements, you must also have:

  • A high school diploma or
  • A general equivalency diploma (GED) or equivalent, or
  • At least one year of full-time experience in security, aviation screening or x-ray work

As with any other Federal government job, you must apply for specific airport security jobs that the TSA is currently offering. In other words, you can't broadly apply for any airport security jobs that the TSA has open, nor may you broadly apply for any that might open in the future.

The government is a stickler for qualifications and other details. Its hiring authorities expect you to be the same when applying for government employment, especially in homeland security. So, before applying, be sure you read all information about airport security jobs at the TSA's site, including the transportation security screener job description that displays when you click on an opening. (You might also consider buying a good book about applying for Federal government jobs.)

To apply for airport security jobs online or by phone through the Transportation Security Administration, or simply to get more information first, start by visiting the Employment section of the Transportation Security Administration's Web site. All other TSA jobs are through USAJobs, the Federal government's official, central job bank. For information about other homeland security jobs, see the article by the same name.

To discover if a private screening company hires for airport security jobs at an airport at which you'd like to seek employment, start by contacting the airport's hiring authority (e.g., the human resources department) or visiting the employment section of its Web site.

Airport Security Jobs
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Did You Know? Certain veterans and disabled veterans receive preference in hiring and retention for Federal government jobs, including airport security jobs, based on a point system for active duty served. To claim veterans' preference when applying for government jobs, you typically need to know where you stand in the point system. Learn more about veterans' preference, including where you stand.

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