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A collection of resources to help you ace interviews. Includes tips for successfully navigating job interviews, sample interview questions and answers, plus interview practice games that provide immediate feedback online.
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Exit Interviews
Explains an employee exit interview and offers tips for whether or not an employee should participate. Common exit interview question samples asked verbally or in questionnaire form are included.
Behavioral Interviews
Behavioral interviews explained, question samples and preparation tips. An example of how a job applicant might answer a series of behavioral interview questions is included.
Fired from Job - What to Say to Potential Employers
Tips for explaining to potential employers that you were fired from a job. Includes tips for what to say on job applications and during interviews, if you were fired from a job.
Group Interviews - Panel Interviews
What to expect from group and panel job interviews, with tips for preparing.
How to Dress For Job Interviews
How to dress for job interviews in today's corporate environment.
Illegal Interview Questions
What they are and tips for handling them, along with sample illegal questions and reasons employers may ask for the same information in other ways.
Informational Interviews
Informational interviews defined with tips for conducting them. Example questions to ask in informational interviews and thank you letter samples provided.
Interview Behavior Tips
Attire, body language and manners count big time for interviews. Yet, surveys show that job candidates' manners and other professionalisms are on the decline. Here are tips on how to act professionally before, during and after interviews, and defeat your less-professional competitors.
Interview Questions with Suggested Answers
Before you head out to a job interview, it's a good idea to practice answering the types of questions employers will likely ask. Download samples of the more common questions, with suggested ways to answer.
Interviewing while Pregnant
Tips for maneuvering through job interviews while you're in the family way, and maternity benefits to research and negotiate.
Interviewing with Start-Up Companies
Tips for interviewing with start-companies, interview questions to ask and links to start-up jobs.
Preparing for Interviews
Tips to help you ace interviews.
Questions to Ask in Interviews
Ever draw a blank when an interviewer asks, "Any questions?" Interviewers expect you to ask questions. Preparing questions in advance shows that you've done your homework and are truly interested in the job.Includes sample questions you may download or copy and paste.
Technical Interview Questions
About technical interview questions, brainteasers and riddles. Links to typical technical interview questions and answers are included. Also answers the classic technical interview question, "Why are manhole covers round?"
Writing Thank-You Letters
How and why to write thank-you letters after interviews. It's courteous and may be the deciding factor in your favor. Download free samples.
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