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Examples of interview questions interviewers might ask you. Some include sample answers.
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Exit Interview Question Samples
Explains an employee exit interview and offers tips for whether or not an employee should participate. Common exit interview question samples asked verbally or in questionnaire form are included.
Interview Question Samples with Suggested Answers
From your About Guide, common interview questions employers might ask, plus suggested ways to answer.
Technical Interview Questions
About technical interview questions, brainteasers and riddles. Links to technical interview question samples and answers are included. Also answers the classic technical interview question, "Why are manhole covers round?"
50 Practice Interview Questions
50 questions with suggested responses, divided into categories, including: general, experience and management, industry trends, work habits and style, experience and accomplishments, salary, and personality.
Behavioral Interview Questions
Sample behavioral interview questions by Georgia U. A behavioral interview queries your past experiences to indicate how you might react in the future.
Behavioral Interview Questions
Sample questions organized by skill, from Manchester Community College.
Common Questions
General tips plus sample questions about school, you, your expertise, and the job opportunity. From The University of Wisconsin.
Fifty Standard Interview Questions
Typical interview questions to practice, from CollegeGrad. Includes other interview resources for recent college grads, useful for all.
How to Behave in a Behavior-Based Interview
From JobWeb.org, tips for getting through one of the toughest types of interviews. Includes sample questions and other advice, too.
Interview In-Depth Questions
As promos for books, job-interview.net provides a variety of free, sample questions for many types of interviews.
Interviewers' Favorite Questions and Answers
A list of ten typical questions and suggested answers, at JobWeb.com.
Tough Questions
Hard-core questions plus tips for answering. From Tech-Engine, specializing in IT jobs for the financial-industry. Lots of other interview question types and tips too.
Traditional and Behavioral Interview Questions
The canned and open-ended questions many interviewers ask, plus behavior-oriented ("Tell me about a time when you . . .") questions, compliments of Boston College.
Types and Examples of Interview Questions
A thorough job, by Dayton Daily News. Offers several other topics, including the informational interview, common mistakes, and preparing for second interviews.
Questions You Should Expect
Lots of tips from Tech-Engine, specializing in IT jobs for the financial-industry. Topics range from before the interview to after and most in between, neatly arranged in sections.
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