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Job interview question examples, navigating different types of interviews, telephone interview tips, questions to ask the interviewer, success techniques, writing thank you letters and more.
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Exit Interviews
Explains an employee exit interview and offers tips for whether or not an employee should participate. Common exit interview question samples asked verbally or in questionnaire form are included.
Fired from Job - What to Say to Potential Employers
Tips for explaining to potential employers that you were fired from a job. Includes tips for what to say on job applications and during interviews, if you were fired from a job.
Group Interviews - Panel Interviews
From your About Guide, what to expect from group and panel job interviews, with tips for preparing.
How to Dress for Job Interviews
How to dress for job interviews in today's corporate environment. Job interview dress tips for both men and women included.
Informational Interviews
Informational interviews defined with tips for conducting them. Example questions to ask in informational interviews and thank you letter samples provided.
Interview Behavior Tips
From your About Guide: Attire, body language and manners count big time for interviews. Yet, surveys show that job candidates' manners and other professionalisms are on the decline. Here are tips on how to act professionally before, during and after interviews, and defeat your less-professional competitors.
Interviewing while Pregnant
Tips for maneuvering through job interviews while you're in the family way, and maternity benefits to research and negotiate.
Interviewing with Start-Up Companies
Tips for interviewing with start-companies, interview questions to ask and links to start-up jobs.
Articles and Answers
A variety of tips and interviewing articles by iVillage, a comprehensive network for women. Includes topics from the basics to whether or not you should reveal if you're pregnant. Sample questions, too.
Behavioral Interview Cheat Sheet
As promo for their Insider Guides, Wetfeet.com gives away these tips for behavioral interviews. Includes the article "Behavioral Interviews and the Career Changer".
Core Competencies Explained
31 aptitudes, capabilities, skills and associated behaviors that most employers look for. Access to archived articles such as this requires you to register. It's free, but darned nosey, an indication it's not so free after all, if you hate spam, junk mail and telemarketing calls. Who doesn't!
Dress for Success
Detailed interview-attire suggestions for men and women, from The University of Wisconsin and the book Knock 'em Dead by Martin Yate.
Effective Group Interview
Briefly, what a group interview is about and what the interviewers look for.
Explaining You were Fired
An article at Monster.com that explains the honest, objective approach.
Frequently Asked Questions
The University of Wisconsin answers questions you might have about scheduling interviews, attire for a casual Friday, arriving too early, choosing jobs, and more.
How to Behave in a Behavior-Based Interview
From JobWeb.org, tips for getting through one of the toughest types of interviews. Includes sample questions and other advice, too.
How to Prepare for the Second Interview
Dayton Daily News offers several topics, including the informational interview, example questions, dress, common mistakes, and preparing for second interviews.
Informational Interviewing
About using this "Neglected Job Search Tool" for networking your way into a job when traditional methods fail, with ten tips for success.
Interview Center
Lots of interview tips from Monster.com, including tough questions, telephone interviews, and questions to ask the interviewer. Also includes virtual interviews by occupation, to practice online.
Interview Techniques Handbook
The University of Manitoba covers everything from the basics to dealing with rejection. Not just for Canadians or students.
Interview Types
The FAQ Farm includes tips for successfully navigating informational, behavioral, stress, group and tag-team interviews, and some "unofficial" types as well.
Interview Videos
This series of online videos about interviewing includes the titles "Preparing For Your Interview", "How To Interview Successfully With Anyone", "Answering Tough Interview Questions" and "Dress For Interview Success". Includes other videos about careers and jobs too. From CollegeGrad.com.
Interviewing Bloopers
What not to do during an interview! These really happened, according to FacilitatorGuy, Bill Golden.
Interviewing by the Numbers
Ten, step-by-step interviewing lessons. Written for high school students, but useful for all ages, at MyFuture.Com. Tell your kids about it!
Introduction to Case Interviews
As promo for their Insider Guides, Wetfeet.com gives away these tips for case interviews.
IT Interviews
Lots of tips from Tech-Engine, specializing in IT jobs for the financial industry. Some topics have a technical or financial-industry slant and range from before the interview to after, neatly arranged in sections. Sample questions with suggested ways of answering included.
Job Interviews
Just one part of the award-winning, online Career Development Manual from the University of Waterloo. Solid advice, not just for college students!
Pass Through the Interview Process in One Piece
Tips from Sharp Placement Professionals. Includes tips on writing résumés and cover letters, too.
Pre-Interview Research
Why and where to research a company before interviewing. From Net-Temps.
Successfully Closing the Interview
An article about leaving the right impression in the interviewers mind as the interview ends. Includes a short case study of two interviewees with different styles, plus five closing points.
Telephone Interview Tips
Tips for before, during and after the telephone interview, from Net-Temps.
Behavioral Interviews
Behavioral interviews explained, question samples and preparation tips. An example of how a job applicant might answer a series of behavioral interview questions is included.
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