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Top 10 Entry Level Job Search Sites


Searching for your first job can be overwhelming! Make your job search more efficient by starting with these job search websites that focus on entry level and internship positions. In general, employers posting on these sites are looking for employees with 0 to 3 years of experience.


Experience.com is one of the largest new grad and intern job posting sites. This is a great place to start your job search!

State Careers

This site specifically lists entry level State government job listings. A nice place to start a long term career.

Federal Government Job Listings

StudentJobs.gov is the entry level job board for the federal government, one of the largest employers in the U.S. If you are interested in a job with the Federal Government of the United States, start your job search here. Internship positions are also listed.


JobPostings.net lists all levels of positions, but has an especially large number of entry level position listings for new grads.


As the name implies, CollegeGrad.com specializes in job listings for recent college graduates. Intern positions are listed here as well.

Engineering Jobs

A job search site that specializes in Engineering jobs, EngCen.com has a great number of entry level and intern positions listed for companies around the U.S.

Tech Interns

Tech-Interns.com is a specialty job board for, as you can guess, technical interns. This is a new find for me! Their positions look very relevant. Be sure to check here for entry level full time technical jobs as well.


InternWeb is a job search site for interns from all job disciplines. While not limited to technical positions, there were quite a few technical intern positions when I checked.


Another general intern job search site with a lot of technical intern positions listed. Definitely worth checking on a regular basis!

International Internship Programs

This internship site showcases international intern programs. A great way to broaden your experience as well as travel. An international internship can be difficult to coordinate - this niche site makes it much easier.

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