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How to Find a New Job in the Technology Industry

By Toni Bowers, About.com Guide to Tech Careers

How to find a new job in the technology industry. Profiles of technology jobs includes information about different job titles, with links to resources. Technology skills profiles detail some of the popular skills needed for technology jobs. There are company profiles that detail information about technology companies that are hiring. Places to look for a new job include links to popular job sites online. The guide to getting hired includes cover letter, resume and interviewing tips and tricks. An entry level career services guide is included for new grads and those making a career change.

  1. Career Profiles
  2. Skills Profiles
  3. Company Profiles
  4. Finding the Jobs
  1. Getting Hired Guide
  2. Entry Level Career Services
  3. Immigration and Visa Information

Career Profiles

Profiles of popular career choices in the technology industry. Description of typical job duties and potential career paths. Includes links to companies that hire each profile, as well as links to training resources.

Skills Profiles

Popular skills within the technology industry. Includes popular technical skills, such as programming languages and platforms, as well as non-technical skills, such as project management. Each profile has links to training, links to careers that utilize the skill, as well as companies that hire workers with the specific skill.

Company Profiles

Profiles of companies that hire techies. Includes information about company history, company culture, product offerings and typical compensation and benefits. Links to company information and profiles of the kinds of workers the company hires.

Finding the Jobs

How to find new job(s) to apply for. Links to the top job boards as well as information about niche job boards for specific industries. How to network with peers to find new job information before it gets posted publically.

Getting Hired Guide

Tips and tricks for getting hired once you find a job. Links to cover letter and resume samples and examples. Interviewing tips, including sample interview questions and information on behavior based interviewing. Information about career fairs and consulting job boards is also included.

Entry Level Career Services

Resources specific to new grad and other entry level careers in technology. Includes information for those making a career change. Resumes, cover letters and job boards that are specific to those just starting their new technology career. Tips on fiding and getting your first job. Includes information about internships and short term consulting jobs.

Immigration and Visa Information

The technology industry is a diverse industry in so many different ways. This section includes information on work visas and green cards, with links to reliable guidelines online. There is also information about living and working in the thriving technology industry in non-U.S. countries.

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