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Resume Format - How to Summarize Technical Skills


Resume Format – Skills Section

The skills section of your resume should be an accurate reflection of skills that you have. This doesn’t mean you should add in every technology you have ever read a book about. When you format your resume, the skills section of your resume should include details of technologies that you have at least a working knowledge of, as well as any notable soft skills that you have, such as presenting to large groups or writing technical information for a non-technical audience. Skills listed in this section should be verifiable. If you say you have experience presenting to senior management, for example, someone should be able to verify that skill in a reference check.

I have seen the skills section of a resume organized in many different ways. The more neatly organized this section is, the better. For example, a skills section that lists technologies broken into groups is much easier to read (and therefore more likely to be read!) than one that simply lists all of the technologies one by one. When you are writing this section of your resume, you may want to consider breaking down the technologies into groups such as development tools and languages, protocols, databases, platforms, and so forth.

Here are examples of different, well-formatted skills sections, categorized by industry:

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