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All About Interview Thank You Letters


After your interview, it is always a good idea to follow up with a thank you letter. In the tech industry, a thank you email is appropriate. Here are some guidelines and examples for writing your thank you letters. There are links to several examples of interview thank you letters, appropriate for several different interview situations.

1. Interview Thank You Letters - Guidelines

Guidelines for writing interview thank you letters. How to write interview thank you letters, as well as when to write them and how to send them.

2. Interview Thank You Letter - General Format

A general thank you letter that can be sent after any interview.

3. Interview Thank You Letter

An example of a general interview thank you letter that mentions follow up discussions.

4. Interview Thank You Letter with Additional Information

This is an example of an interview thank you letter that can be used to convey additional information (such as experience or training you forgot to mention during the interview).

5. Thank You Letter - Campus Interview

An interview thank you letter that is appropriate after an on-campus interview.

6. Interview Thank You Letter - Scheduling a Follow Up

A sample thank you letter that mentions scheduling a follow up discussion.

7. Interview Thank You Letter - Addressing Concerns

An interview thank you letter that addresses concerns that were brought up during the interview. The thank you letter is a good place to address concerns that mayhave come up while you were interviewing.

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