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Technical Resumes - Tips, Samples, Examples and Templates


Your resume remains one of the most important components of your job search. A well written resume that gives the employer an accurate view of your skills will help you stand out from the crowd. Here are links to some of my favorite resume tips, resume samples and free resume templates. I have also included links to some actual resumes of employees I have hired in the past for various technical companies.

Resume Tips and Tricks

A list of common sense advice on how to write a resume. This is from the recruiter or employer viewpoint, and addresses resume problems I see every day that make me think twice about contacting a prospective candidate.

Resume Writing Tips - What NOT To Do

Advice from technical recruiters and hiring managers regarding resume no-no's. These tips are what not to do!

How to Make a Resume

This is a how to guide that covers resume writing from the technical side. When we use resume tracking systems to automate the management of candidates, there are certain things the applicant can do to ensure their resume makes it into the system correctly and shows up appropriately when the recruiter or hiring manager does a keyword search.

Resume Writing Guidelines

This piece on resume writing guidelines is a great place to start your resume. While it is aimed more at new grads and entry level candidates, it is also valuable reading for more experienced candidates that are thinking about re-writing or updating their current resume.

Sample Resume - Experienced New Grad

This is a sample resume from someone we hired that had just finished their masters program. They did have some relevant work experience as well, which is reflected on the resume.

Resume Example - Software Engineer

This is an example of a resume used by someone we hired for a web developer position. This person also did really well in the interview stage, pointing out an error in a coding problem that our current employees had missed!

Sample Resume - Experienced Network Engineer

An example of a resume that was used by a candidate hired for a senior level Network Engineering position.

Sample Resume - Mechanical Engineer

This is a well formatted sample resume for a Mechanical Engineer. This sample resume focuses on achievements and includes a career addendum to highlight the candidate's work experience.

Resume Sample - Senior Project Manager with PMP

This is an excellent resume sample for a senior level Project Manager with certifications, including the PMP certification from PMI.

Resume Format - Technical Skills Section

How to organize and format the technical skills portion of your resume. Examples of well written and well organized technical skills from different resumes.

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