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Examples of Salary History Letters and Salary Requirements Letters


If you are asked to send a letter detailing your salary history or salary requirements and you are not sure where to start, use these examples as a guideline. The following salary history and salary requirements letters can be used when responding to requests from prospective employers.

Salary History - Cover Letter Example

Here is an example of a cover letter that can be sent via email and includes salary history at the end. This is one way of addressing a request in a job posting to "include salary history information" right up front. Send this cover letter example with your resume when you respond to a job posting.

Salary History Letter - Ranges

A downloadable salary history sample letter. In this sample, the salary history is given as ranges.

Sample Salary History Letter - Exact Dollars

A downloadable sample salary history letter that quotes salaries in exact starting and ending amounts.

Salary Requirements Letter

If you are asked to provide a written salary requirements letter, here is a sample you can use. Make sure you customize this sample salary requirements letter with your personal information.

Salary History Templates

Salary history template letters from Microsoft.

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