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Pay Raise Letter Samples


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This page includes the text of pay raise letter samples that directly ask for a pay raise or a meeting to discuss it. You may copy the text and modify it for personal use. (See the copyright notice in the box below.) Refer to the Letter Writing Desk for proper business letter formats in which to insert your modified text.

Pay Raise Letter Sample

I'm grateful for the opportunity to work for you and I enjoy doing so. I hope you'll agree that, in the two years I've worked for you, I've become an integral member of your team and accomplished a great deal. For example, in the last six months alone, I've

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  • [major]
  • [accomplishments]

However, I'm still working for the initial salary on which we agreed two years ago. As I recall, we also agreed to renegotiate my salary in two years based on my accomplishments, and that time has come. In light of my accomplishments and per our agreement, I'm respectfully requesting an immediate pay raise of six percent, to be followed in six months by a performance-based pay raise of an additional three percent.

I strongly feel that I've earned the immediate pay raise and I'm confident that I will also earn the six-month raise based on my performance. But I'm willing to negotiate, per our agreement. If you would like to meet to discuss this, please let me know. If I don't hear from you by [reasonable date], I will assume that you've waived our meeting because you've agreed to my terms.

Thanks again for the opportunity. I look forward to continuing to be a key player on your team in a mutually-rewarding relationship.

Pay Raise Letter Sample Asking for Meeting # 1

I enjoy working here and would appreciate your advice on how to increase the reward for my contributions. Would you please schedule a time for us to meet within the next week or so? Any time that is convenient for you will work for me.

I look forward to our meeting.

Pay Raise Letter Sample Asking for Meeting # 2

I'm pleased that you've added new responsibilities to my job and I appreciate the opportunity. I would like to meet with you to further discuss my new responsibilities and the possibility of a pay raise for performing them well.

I can meet with you anytime this week that is convenient for you. If this week isn't convenient, please let me know.

You may copy the text of these pay raise letter samples, but only for personal use. Reproducing any part of these letters in any media (commercial or not) without expressed, written permission is a violation of copyright and intellectual-rights laws. However, you may link to them in good faith from your Web site.

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