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Advancing Your Career in the High Tech Industry

By Toni Bowers, About.com Guide to Tech Careers

Information on obtaining advanced degrees and technical certifications. Lists of popular skills that are in demand, along with links to more information on obtaining skills. Profiles of senior technical careers, including senior contributors as well as managerial positions. The business letter writing resource center is included to assist you in making a professional impression. There are guides on how to change careers within the technology industry as well as keeping your technical skills up to date. Compensation information and links are also included.

  1. Advanced Education and Certifications
  2. Popular Skills in the Technical Industry
  3. Senior Technical & Managerial Profiles
  4. How to Change Tech Careers
  1. Keeping Technical Skills Current
  2. Compensation Resource Center
  3. Business Letter Writing Center

Advanced Education and Certifications

Information to help you decided on an advanced degree. Links to information about various technical certifications that are in demand.

Popular Skills in the Technical Industry

Information about skills that are in high demand in the tech industry. Includes technical skills as well as professional and managerial skills that are popular and in demand with employers.

Senior Technical & Managerial Profiles

Career profiles for senior technical contributors and technical management positions. The profiles include basic job description information, typical career path, compensation trends and links to more information, including training resources and companies that are hiring.

How to Change Tech Careers

How to change careers within the technology industry. Information on how to get started in a new career in the tech industry. Information on how to change from a non-technical to a technical career. Getting started in the technology industry whether you are a new grad or an experienced professional looking to make a change.

Keeping Technical Skills Current

Technology trends can change quickly. It is important to your career advancement to keep your technology skills current. This section includes information on training and education to keep your skills current. There are links to resources that can help keep your skills up to date. Industry trends and technology publications are also included, as they are a vital component to staying current.

Compensation Resource Center

Information on all components of compensation, including salary calculators, benefits trends, perks that are popular in the technology industry and cost of living calculators.

Business Letter Writing Center

Effective communication is a critical part of advancing your career. The business letter writing center is included here to assist you with writing all kinds of job-related communications. A well formatted letter that conveys your thoughts effectively can make a huge difference in your career opportunities. First impressions really do count!

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