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Learn how to create resumes and cover letters tailored to the technology industry. Find out more about how to network and find job opportunities, and how to get good letters of recommendation and land the interviews you want.

How to Interview for a Tech Job After Being Fired
Tips for how to interview for a tech job after being fired. Interview practice and preparation for IT workers whose jobs have been terminated. How to prepare for and answer tough interview questions regarding being fired.

8 Tips for Requesting LinkedIn Recommendations
Not sure how to request LinkedIn recommendations from former colleagues and employers? Here are eight tips for requesting employment recommendations on this professional networking site. Online social networking can help you find a job if you use it correctly. Make sure you take full advantage of LinkedIn's features by asking for employment recommendations from your contacts.

What's the Best Way to Email Your Cover Letter for a Technical Job?
Tips for emailing your cover letter for a technical job. Ensure you email your cover and resume the proper way so they are likely to be viewed by the recruiter or hiring manager. Trying to decide whether to include the cover letter in the body of an email or add it as an attachment when applying for a job in information technology? Find out what your options are for emailing your cover letter.

Tips for a Successful Tech Job Phone Interview
Tips on preparing for phone interviews for technical positions. How to have a successful telephone job interview, including which location you should pick, which materials you should have on-hand to help you answer questions, what kind of attitude you should project, and other etiquette for over the phone interviews.

The Purpose of Tech Job Phone Interviews
The purpose of phone interviews for technology jobs. How employers use phone interviews to screen or narrow down the pool of candidates. Phone interview tips and tricks that will help you have a successful job interview over the telephone. Phone interview questions and answers and how they're meant to help the employer determine whether you're a good fit for the position and company.

What Should You Avoid Including in Your Resignation Letter?
Even if you're leaving a very bad work situation, your resignation letter should not be used as a venting tool. Learn about several elements you should leave out of your letter of resignation, and how they could harm your future job opportunities if you include these things in your resignation letter.

What Should You Include in Your Resignation Letter?
Learn why you should write a resignation letter, how to write a letter of resignation, and what you should include in your resignation letter. Letters of resignation should contain a few basic pieces of information, but you need to know how to present them in a way that will be most beneficial to you and will not burn any bridges with your current employer when you give your resignation notice.

Make Your Tech Cover Letter More Readable With Bullet Points
Information on the effective use of bullet points to make your cover letter more readable. How to write a cover letter that will stand out and help you get your desired tech job. Tips for effective use of bullet points in tech cover letters, and how to format the rest of your paragraphs so they are more reader-friendly and easily scanned by the human eye.

How to Negotiate Salary
Tips to help you negotiate the highest salary for your experience in a tech field. How to prepare for the negotiation process by researching average salaries for your occupation and the financial situation of the company you want to work for. How to overcome negotiation obstacles, and how to determine when to walk away from the negotiation process.

More Tips for Negotiating Salaries for Tech Jobs
Tips on salary negotiation after you've been offered an information technology job. Information on when to conduct negotiations, how to research tech salaries, what other forms of compensation you should consider, and guidelines for how high of a salary you should ask for. Learn how to stay positive and patient during the salary negotiation process, and how to finalize your salary details.

How to Respond to Illegal Interview Questions
Details on the types of illegal questions you may encounter during a technical job interview, and tips on how to answer illegal interview questions in the most professional and diplomatic manner possible. Reasons interviewers may end up asking illegal job interview questions, and how to differentiate between inappropriate interview questions and those that are legal and appropriate to ask.

How to Follow Up After Submitting a Resume for a Tech Job
How to follow up after submitting your resume for an IT job. Learn why you should follow up on your resume, and when you should do it. You have a couple of resume follow up options, via email or a phone call - find out which one will work best for you. Also learn what not to do when following up after your resume submission.

Job Interviews - Advice and Tips for Job Interviews
In order to prepare for your next job interview, review these interview tips, sample interview questions and answers, and behavioral interviewing guidelines.

Job Interviews - Intangible Factors for Interview Success
Candidates who seem to have great technical skills may still present poorly in interview situations. Find out which intangible factors may be getting in the way of your next job offer.

Interview Questions to Ask
Interviewers expect you to have questions about the company, the group you would be working in and the IT job you are interviewing for. Here are some sample questions to ask during an interview.

Interview Questions - Examples
Examples of common interview questions to review before your next interview. Includes problem solving, behavioral, motivational and general interview questions.

Illegal Interview Questions
Some of the more common illegal interview questions that may be asked during an IT job interview. While many HR and Recruiting staff know these questions are illegal, many hiring managers do not.

How To Write A Cover Letter
An introduction to writing cover letters, including an explanation of the cover letter's purpose, as well as tips on creating sections and formatting the document.

Top 10 Sample Cover Letters
Cover letters are a great way to introduce yourself to a prospective employer and highlight what sets you apart from other candidates. They also provide a chance to showcase your writing skills. Check out some of these sample cover letters for ideas on how to create your own.

Career Services - Entry Level and New Grad Resources Center
Finding, applying for, interviewing and accepting your first job can be an overwhelming experience. Check out some of our career services-related top picks for entry-level candidates.

Technical Resumes - Tips, Samples, Examples and Templates
Here are links to some useful resume tips, resume samples and free resume templates. Also included are links to some actual resumes sent in to various technical companies - ones that are done right and have helped candidates get jobs.

Resume Format - How to Summarize Technical Skills
Here are samples of technical skills sections for your resume format. When you format your resume, you can use these sample technical skills summaries as a guideline. Your resume format should be well organized. Use these samples in your resume format.

Top 7 Tips for Effective Resumes
With only a few seconds to capture the attention of the reader and showcase your extensive skills, you need to make the most of your resume. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you do just that.

Customized Resume Objective Gets Better Results
Advice on customizing your resume objective. Some managers will look at the resume objective of a potential candidate that has all the right skills, and still pass on the candidate. If your resume objective says you want to be a mechanical engineer, for example, and you are applying for an electrical engineer posiiton, it can be a problem.

Resume Tip: How to Name Your Resume for Maximum Views
Advice on naming your resume. This advice applies mostly to how you name your resume when you upload it to a job board, but it is also relevant for resumes you attach to an email or send in some other format.

Resume Writing Tips - How Not To Write a Resume
Here are some of the "pet peeves" of technical recruiters and hiring managers when it comes to resumes and cover letters - things that will make them less interested in speaking with a candidate. These are great examples of how not to write your resume.

How To Make A Resume
A how-to guide that covers resume writing from the technical side. When resume tracking systems are used to automate the management of candidates, there are certain things the applicant can do to ensure his or her resume makes it into the system correctly and shows up appropriately when the recruiter or hiring manager does a keyword search.

Resume Writing - Guidelines for New Grads
Check out these resume writing guidelines - they're a great place to start your resume. While the information is aimed more at new grads and entry-level candidates, it is also valuable reading for more experienced candidates that are thinking about re-writing or updating their current resume.

Top 8 Free Resume Templates for Technology Careers
Free technology resume templates. These are some of the standard, tried-and-true resume formats seen in the industry on a daily basis. These work well for all levels of experience, but especially for entry-level candidates.

Sample Resume - Experienced New Grad
This is a sample resume for someone who may have just finished their masters program. They have some relevant work experience as well, which is reflected on the resume.

Resume Template - Experienced Hire Resume Template
A resume template for an experienced technology professional. You can easily customize this template for your own resume needs.

Example of a Software Engineer Resume
This is an example of a resume used by someone hired for a web developer position.

Resume Sample - Experienced Network Engineer
An example of a resume used by a candidate hired for a senior level Network Engineering position.

Sample Resume - Mechanical Engineer
This is a well-formatted sample resume for a Mechanical Engineer. This sample resume focuses on achievements and includes a career addendum to highlight the candidate's work experience.

Project Management Executive - Resume Sample
This is an excellent resume sample for a senior-level Project Manager with certifications, including the PMP certification from PMI.

Examples of Salary History Letters and Salary Requirements Letters
Use these examples as guidelines if a prospective employer asks you to send a letter detailing your salary history or salary requirements and you are not sure where to start.

References - A Guide to References and Recommendations
Guidelines to follow when asking for or giving references, including links to sample reference letters, specific to the technical industry, that can be used as a guide to writing reference letters.

Top 8 Salary Calculators Online
Knowing the typical pay ranges for your target job will make negotiating compensation much easier. These salary calculators take job function, degree, years of experience and location into consideration.

Detailed Salary Information from Salary.com
Learn more about how to do salary research using Salary.com, one of the top websites available to learn about salary information.

Salary Wizard Payscale.com
Learn how to use Payscale.com, one of the leading salary wizard sites available online.

Find Average Salary Information with GlassDoor
Details on how GlassDoor works and how to use it to find salary information. The idea behind the GlassDoor site is to make transparent the salaries and employee satisfaction of any company.

Resumes for Tech Contractors
Instead of organizing your resume by the companies you have worked for, arrange it by each individual project instead. There are four sections for each project: Title, Duration, Technologies Used, and a Description.

Social Media Branding and Your Career
How often do hiring managers so a search for you online before offering you a job interview? Almost all the time, according to a recent survey. You might be surprised at what they finding, what can hurt you and what could help you get that job.

Targeting the Right Employer
While looking for a job, submitting resumes and filling in online applications quickly becomes a treadmill of activity that doesn't always go very far. Instead of using a spray gun to apply for as many jobs as possible, what if you took the opposite approach? A laser-focused approach to finding the perfect job may be something to try.

Using Twitter to Advance Your IT Career
If you're interested in finding a new IT job, a part-time gig, or just keeping up with the latest industry news, Twitter presents you with a wealth of resources.

12 Programmers to Follow on Twitter
Whether you program Android or iOS apps, design games for PCs, or write software in C#, Twitter can be a useful resource for finding experts in your field who share tricks of the trade, job openings, and the latest news and trends.

Three free apps for helping you build your resume
Creating a resume can be a daunting experience. Fortunately, technology makes it easier with these three (free!) apps.

When and how to use a headhunter

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, find me a job
Because putting the right tech pro in the right job is very important, several recruiting companies are using sophisticated software to better pinpoint the best candidates.

Software developer fastest growing position in IT
If you're looking for the hottest place to be in IT, software development would be it. Take a look at the statistics backing this statement up.

Are you ready for an IT interview?
Interviews for IT positions differ in some ways than the average interview. Here are some things to keep in mind while you prepare.

Has technology enabled or harmed the HR department?
The Human Resources department is, ironically, losing the human element. Why technology is making HR less useful.

Hiring process: A company that does it right
There's nothing worse than applying to company that is terrible at responding. Here's one that does it right.

LinkedIn: Use new, and old, features to aid your job search
LinkedIn is a good social media tool for making business connections and searching for a job.

A look at mid-year IT employment data
A couple of different employment sites weigh in on what the end of this year looks like for IT pros.

IT sites and tools that can fuel your job search
We've come a long way from paper resumes. Technology affords us a zillion ways to up the job search.

How to answer the salary question in an interview

Land a job by having an out-of-body experience
When you think about all the resumes hiring managers have to sift through, you have to make yours stand out from the pack.

How to network even if you're an introvert
Networking may not be the most comfortable exercise for introverts but there's no question that it's a valuable career tool.

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